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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Secret of Getting Rich

The Secret To Getting Rich
(That the Rich Already Know But Do You?)

The Secret to Getting Rich:  Check out the Power of Compounding when you Invest and how it Multiplies your Money. This is a compelling message yet explained in an interesting and easy-to -understand, video format from those who understand the Magic of Compounding.

The average American can expect to live to 86-92 years of age today ... see how we have doubled the life expectancy in the last 100 years, so the question is not whether you are going to live longer but how are you going to support yourself in your old age for the next few decades?! You cannot expect handouts from your government (they are broke!) so you have to take responsibility for your own family's financial wellbeing. 

No matter how modest the sum you put away, you must start now if not already especially if you do not have youth on your side.  If you are very young then you are lucky for you have more time on your side and together with compounding interest/return you can turn your savings into a colossal amount especially towards the latter part of your investment timeframe when you reach that explosive phase ...

Even a very modest amount saved regularly has the power to turn into millions given time (decades) and allowed to grow and compound constantly (like the story of the Janitor who became a millionaire ... on his janitor's wages. I myself know people who have 7-figure fortunes from very basic salaried jobs but they have been investing long term and have habitually compounded their investments without fail).

It is up to you to make ALL your money work for you, ALL the time, and not to allow it to get lazy ... the rich understand this and do not allow their money to get idle! So develop a money mindset now and find out how you too can begin or catch up with the rich, if you haven't started on your path to long term wealth yet. One thing is for sure, you cannot rely on the old methods or handouts when planning for your security because the world has changed hugely since 2008 ... so:

  • DECIDE now that you want to increase your WEALTH
  • Then take ACTION
  • CONSISTENT Action at that
  • But first, watch the VIDEO.

To your wealth and success!

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How to Make Money From Your Debtors

Please always do your own due diligence when it comes to financial matters and seek out the best experts in your COUNTRY and LOCAL area/ state. The author writes from a personal and local viewpoint for educational purposes only.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Forex: Double Your Money In 30 Days Video Report

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The Case For Forex Trading Online & Using Forex Trading Robots (FapTurbo):

Asset Allocation: One aspect of financial planning that has stayed with me since the day it was introduced to me is the concept of asset allocation, and in tandem with that it also makes good sense to incorporate income diversification to derive income streams from different sources as much as possible.

With interest rates so low* since the GFC of 2008 and job creation at record low levels** it makes it much more challenging to increase and or diversify income streams within one's investing strategies easily and without expending and risking substantial time and resources. 

This is where forex trading online or currency trading can be a viable option. Forex trading requires very little to set up, especially if using forex robots trading system such as FapTurbo. The great thing about forex trading is that you only require a computer (or a smartphone) with Internet broadband, a forex broker to start up and some seed money to get started.  

You can do online forex trading at any time of the day as forex markets are open 24/7 for almost 7 days a week.You can have all the advantages associated with a home business, such as work from home in the comfort of your home, save time commuting, reduce or avoid the stress brought on by demanding bosses or colleagues, save on not having to purchase business clothes or lunches, and last but not least be available to your family especially if you have a young and growing family that you wish to spend more time with and if not missing their important milestones is a priority with you.

You further save time if you use forex trading robots ... as charting and gaining experience from the markets to become a great trader requires more time and can be a steeper learning curve for some people than for others if you trade manually by yourself.There is also the advantage of dealing with only a few major currency pairs, unlike the scores of equities stock if you are trading in equities. Currently forex markets are very volatile making it easier to make money whether a currency is going up or down as compared to a very stable and predictable market. In fact as any seasoned forex trader will tell you, you can make MORE money by shorting a currency when it is falling! 

The advantage of using a forex robot system is that it takes the guess-work and emotional aspects out of your trading strategy which can interfere with being objective and rational when trading. Too often it is human nature to tamper with established stop losses, overlook important control checklists (established to safeguard and minimise the risks of your trades - if you don't have one you need to establish one soon!), and other risk-reducing measures (set up in the first place to protect the trader!), etc. when emotions whether fear or greed, get in the way with rational decision-making.

Fortunately Forex Robots do not have this flaw as their objective algorithms were meant to take the guesswork out of forex trading and at the same time optimise your forex trading returns consistently (always 'cool' under pressure which is more than can be said for many human traders especially those who follow the herd instinct and can often be highly reactionary to a high or low level VIX!).

You can always start forex-trading part-time at the level you are most comfortable with then migrate to full-time when you are ready if you find yourself making more income from this than your day job and if you enjoy being able to make money online, with the click of a mouse! Whichever option you choose you can get more information by going HERE!

At the time of writing: *, **

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