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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Success PILL: Develop Storytelling Skills

Our "Manifesto for Success" Series: #4 - Storytelling

The Success PILL of Storytelling

One of the common traits I notice in great people is that they often tell very good stories! I call this the 'SUCCESS PILL' of storytelling.

Their personal stories are gripping, and can bring a tear to your eye, even if you have heard the stories before. How's that for engagement? Pulling power? Brainwashing? Whatever terminology you use, the truth is ... it works!

Storytelling is as old as the hills and as popular, before the Internet debuted, that is. Some does it better than others. Take Kurek Ashley, when he recounts the helicopter disaster, you can almost hear the tears in his voice, and it never fails to move the audience even if they have heard his story before.  Then there is T. Harv Eker who is a very successful, peak performance coach. He packs a punch with his stories and brings the crowds to intense engagement at his events. At certain points in his stories, you can hear and FEEL his pain... from all those years ago... 

(T. Harv Eker in Phuket after his Australian & NZ visits in Nov-Dec 2012)

Petting a Pachyderm in Phuket
Elephants are a symbol of fortune to Thai people. White elephants
in particular have even greater significance as glory and prosperity symbols.

WHAT makes a great story


The common thread that runs in great stories is how the 'underdog' gets his 'break' (of his own doing!) to overcome unimaginable, insurmountable odds to achieve astounding success that can only be described as ... extraordinary. People just love this kind of stories - everyone likes a winner, and most people like to see the underdog FINALLY gets his 'day', and / or to see Good triumphing over Evil. This is why movies like 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'Lord of the Rings', Harry Potter and countless other fantastic stories - books and movies - are so popular.

Btw, J R R Tolkien has become so popular since Peter Jackson immortalised 'Lord of the Rings' and now the Hobbits, that Tolkien classes in Marquette University, Milwaukee, are running at full capacity?

  HOW do you make a great story?


Great stories INSPIRE because the distance between the plight of the hero or heroine and the end-result is simply Inter-Galactic and just impossible to envision let alone comprehend in many people's own Belief and Storytelling systems!

One way to create a story that will inspire is to begin by setting a GOAL, not just any goal, but a goal so extraordinary that even you will gasp at your own audacity to envision, let alone encourage, such dreams!

At a recent event in Melbourne, Tony Robbins came on stage after the audience had all written down their next, annual, financial goal in a prior session. He told them to revise their (think big) goals and increase it by ... ten times. Well, people looked down at their revised, profit goals and then ... gasped at their figures!
Planting the seed for greatness (Success - "It's all in the state of mind...." 
from 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill).


Then he proceeded to tell us the story of the 'Flying Nun'. It was truly inspirational!
This is the story of a tiny nun, in her senior years, who entered a triathlon race which ended in tragedy because she was blown off her bike by very strong winds and had to pull out of the race because of serious injuries sustained from the accident caused by the storm. This resulted in her being banned in a subsequent race (out of concern for her safety based on age) but through sheer persistence, fortitude and the immense goals she set herself, and against all odds, she achieved what would have been impossible for most young people, let alone someone her age.

That was what he was trying to illustrate when Tony advised to set incredible goals, so that when you achieve them, your results are stupefyingly astounding, the kind of story that will truly blow people away ... especially ... skeptics!!

If you get the chance, grab the OPPORTUNITY to see Tony Robbins in person!

What's your story? Was it sleeping on newspapers when you arrived as a penniless immigrant who could hardly speak English, living in your car because you're dead-broke with nowhere to go, fighting all your life to get your father's approval, starting up your Internet business in your spare bedroom as a mumpreneur-wannabe while everyone tells you you're barking mad, faking to be a copywriter, on the brink of a financial apocalypse, being sacked 32 times from your jobs, being disowned by your own company that you founded and nurtured to success, writing your stories in cafes because you could not afford the heating at your tiny flat and then getting rejected by 12 publishers?...

TELL your own success story


Even though successful people are good at telling other people's stories (usually people that they know well), the best stories they tell are by far their personal ones, where they can describe every emotion from hope, sorrow, disappointment, joy, pain, embarrassment, hopelessness, depression to despair, and more ... every nuance of feeling is candidly revealed. Perhaps it's the deep insights and vulnerability they reveal and share that make them resonate with and appeal to their audience. Not only are they good storytellers, they also have a GREAT personal story to tell.

So what's your story? If you haven't yet written your story perhaps it's time to get started? Begin today and remember to fill it with big dreams, goals and RESULTS.

Success PILL formula

Craft your success story. Make it riveting, if you wish to grip your audience.
Then TELL it - tell it like it is. With your honest emotions and insights.

When you tell it like it is, it's reality journalism at its most beguiling. 

Incredible goals, incredible results, incredible success, incredible STORIES!

TIP: Blog about your journey - use if you have not started a blog yet. Even if each instalment or chapter is not quite finished, post and re-edit it as many times as you need or add to it as you gain new insights for that 'chapter'. Many famous writers including J R R Tolkien re-edit their stories many times during the writing process.

And when you finish your chapters, did you know that with you can convert your entire blog into an ebook with just one click? Imagine what you could do with that... next...

TIP: Remember to take photos of your life BEFORE (Dog's Life Dagshots) and AFTER (Victory, Smug Mugshots :) achieving your goals and SUCCESS so that you will have equally great illustrations to embellish your compelling Rags-to-Riches story should you decide to publish your very own, success story, in the future!

I can't drive a car (yet) but I can SURF!! Eat your heart out Porter!!My mugshot!!

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Success PILL: Develop Storytelling Skills

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