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Sunday, February 17, 2013

HIGH POWERED PRESENCE: How to Fake It Until You Become IT

Change Your Body, Change Your State (of Mind) and Your Reality!!

high power - how to get it-

Powerful Tips to Apply for Personal Success!

"Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are - TEDtalks"

How to Develop a High Powered Presence And Attract More Opportunities and Success:


Scientific experiment shows that how your body acts can affect your mindset eg. acting as if you're a high-powered individual (even if you're initiallly not that way inclined) can actually turn you into one if you persist with acting that way physically. 

As a high-powered individual your testosterone rises, and your cortisol levels decrease (that is high powered individuals are not stress-reactive, ie. they are cool, or "laid-back" under pressure) and they tend to take on greater risks than low-powered individuals.

Consistently behaving as a high-powered individual will over time turn you into ONE!

So not only are you what you think, you can also become what you do!

Practice high-powered poses for two minutes before a job interview (in private), etc. and eventually you will become one .. and increase your chances of success at job-interviews, etc.

High-powered poses are typically open and expansive, eg. v-shaped open arms, and slightly up-lifted head, hands on waist (superwoman pose) or v-shaped arms while leaning back in your armchair, with your legs on top of your desk, or leaning forward on your hands on the table while standing.

Low-powered poses typically make you look smaller eg. bent head, folded arms, crossed legs. Avoid these poses if you're looking for more opportunities and success at job interviews, business proposals, etc. People with low-powered poses tend to be perceived as less attractive and therefore less desirable to employee or talent recruiters, etc.

Note the underlying importance of Persistence and Taking Consistent Action.

Lastly but not least: Tiny Tweaks will Lead to Massive Changes!!

So don't let your 'limitations' stop you - Fake It Until You BECOME IT!!

(and please share the science with others who can benefit from this knowledge).


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unleash the ARTIST in YOU!

Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now!

A brilliant discussion why all you need to do is to: "JUST DO IT!" 

 Why Korea is a hothouse for artistic talent and innovation.

A place that Steve Jobs would feel at home in.

Don't think so much ... just do!

Be still Left Brain, carry on Right Brain?

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