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Monday, April 28, 2014

Curiosity, Creativity & Passion: Join Your Unusual Dots & Follow Your Inner Child to Places Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

The invaluable Lessons of Failure - give yourself permission to Fail.
In Failure is sown the Seeds of Future Success.

"When most of us were children we kept ourselves occupied with games, television, and barbies. Kristen Hadeed was not like most kids. In this talk, Kristen will show how listening to your inner child can take you places beyond your wildest dreams. After all, this young entrepreneur had it all figured out before her 10th birthday."

An inspirational story of following your Inner Child and your Passions to places you never imagined. That's the stuff that Dreams are made of ...  

Moral of the Story: Success follows as a faithful Servant when You remain True to your Inner Child and Passions (and not sell yourself Short or be lured into taking a wrong Direction). In other words, to be truly Fulfilled in Life your Actions need to be Congruent with your Dreams.

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