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Monday, April 21, 2014

Red Hong Yi's Extraordinary ART: "DONE is Better than PERFECT"
 The Amazing Carnation Portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi by Red Hong Yi

Brush away your walls, your cubicles and 'see' things like you used to do before you grew up from being a kid. And when you do if Fame finds you will you have the courage to continue to do so or will you try to revert back to being conventional, to the 'tried and true' - to the 'mainstream' way of doing things for fear of criticism?

  • Have you ever conceptualise deviating from the ordinary to using unconventional methods?
  • If so would you have the courage to throw away your (conventional) tools? and still 'succeed'?
  • What does it mean to succeed and what is this success? How is this success measured?
  • Are your new tools too controversial, how will the public respond to your deviation?
  • The above video is a great inspiration to those who would follow their hearts and their creative instincts, regardless of how the public might respond.
But then we are at the New Frontiers of the Internet where mostly any kind of creativity goes AND gets found especially if it is outstanding. As Red Hong Yi has mentioned, 20 years or so ago, the discovery of new talent would have been much harder and a much slower process than today.

Does it mean we can achieve our dreams if we follow this 'formula'?

It appears highly likely if we adopt the essential tenets of success, as exemplified by those highly successful folks who have gone before us whom Hong Yi has referred to and met @ Pixar, Google, Facebook, The Simpsons, etc.



  • Break out of your (adult) confines for a new lease of life (Picasso: "All children are artists but the problem is that they grow up and stop being one").*
  • Be brave enough to follow your artistic or other vision.
  • Grab hold of this wonderful opportunity that is the Internet and of course where would the Net be without Youtube, where everyday one discovers more than a gem or two to leave you awe-stricken and inspired?!
  • "If you spend alot of time, spend alot of hard work, and if you're dedicated you'd get somewhere" (about passion, hardwork and success).***
  • Remember and acknowledge your gratitude to your supporters (including Mum and Dad of course, :) without whom you could never have attained such viral success.

Not just art, apply this principal to any vision. Regardless of whether your success is going to turn out to be a One-Hit Wonder or an Evergreen Miracle, you proceed anyway because you are following your heart, your passion ... isn't that reminiscent of all those successful giants who have gone before us, that if your vision and your mission is so much more than the sum of the parts, that if you persist beyond your limits, therein lies the Seed for Greatness ... of a viral kind, in today's ultra, instant and even sometimes extreme, connectedness?

Done Beats Perfection Anytime

This Digital Era is surely a Horticulturist's Dream. We have a universal Hotbed that is the Internet, where it's possible to sow new and hybrid Ideas that have the potential to burst into Flower from virtually any Garden in the World. The important lesson here is to Plant the Seed (get it done) rather than wait until you've produced a Perfect Strain. Most successful ideas were launched when only 80% ready and not 100% perfect. Did Mark wait until Facebook was perfect before launching?**

Mark Zuckerberg's Portrait
(with Books of course!)

Insight 1: Your efforts do not have to be huge, grand gestures such as the giant, carnation portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi or even perfect, at least not all the time, to be successful, ie. amazingly engaging. Smaller projects eg. food art (secondary niches?) inspiringly executed can fetch similar results, especially true once YOUR BRAND has gone ... unstoppably VIRAL!!

Jackie Chan's Portrait and Chopstick Duel :)

Insight 2: 'Making money' is almost always NOT the intentional Butter of highly successful people's Cake Mix but once Lady Fame gate-crashes your party, She slaps this Icing on your cake regardless of whether you are averse or not to the idea of benefitting from your talent. This is what makes Success so much sweeter - receiving unexpected bonuses including being paid to Live Your Talented and Extraordinary Dream!

Make Mistakes, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway ...

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