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8 Things Boomers Should Know When Job Hunting

People born between 1946 and 1964 have been hit hard from the GFC and facing the reality that they may now have to work longer than they imagined prior to 2008 (especially if you exited the sharemarket at the wrong time {2009} and missed out while it was recovering (until the Fed's tapering announcements in the last few weeks!).   

Did you know, blogging can help you increase your chances of landing a job? And don't dismiss alternative ways of making money offline. It's also easy and almost free to start an online business - sell on eBay, market online, write and sell your ebook, sell your goods and more. An online business is good because you can download the information instantly and get started quickly.

Here is a free blog if you are looking to start one.

The 50 Best Employers For Older Workers

'Boundless Potential' - Book Review
3 Secrets of Successful Midlife Reinvention:
"1. We need to stress our brains. In the past decade, state-of-the-art neuro science has revealed that, after age 45 or so, our brains are programmed to generate extraordinary new creative skills and intellectual powers that were unavailable to us earlier in life.

"Neuropsychiatrist Richard Restak wrote that “the brain of an older person is not inferior...the brain of an 80-year old is organized differently...this means the mature brain possesses strengths and assets that it lacked decades earlier."

"The secret to uncovering and unleashing these capabilities is to work our brains beyond their usual comfort level...)” 

"2. We need to think and act entrepreneurially. and women are learning how to successfully leverage this inborn potential after 50...they’re creating long term success by inventing profitable new careers, businesses...extend well into their 70s, 80s, even 90s." Review By Mark Walton (Author)

Looking to change careers? Encore careers? 
Type A? When Type A retires, it isn't pretty.

How to Get Free Money From Your Credit Cards **
"I have three simple steps for using credit cards. Step one: Use credit cards for every purchase possible. Step two: Always pay off balances in full each month. Step three: Profit!"  

The plan here is to maximise your reward points, incur no cost or fee AND get more bang for your buck! Eg. some auto-memberships allow you to earn 0.08c per litre which you can redeem when you pay for your fuel, using a card that also credits your purchase towards your Frequent Flyer Account. When you've collected sufficient flyer points use these to fly for free or for other items. 

Use your card all the time, even for the tiniest purchases, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can accumulate reward / fly points. Just in time for the deeply discounted airfares on offer at the moment ~ note the airlines' deep discounts since the markets jittered? ~ for that exotic, sun-baked holiday where your dollar will stretch so much further, and allow you to indulge in 4/5-star accommodation and sumptuous food, etc., ... all for a fraction of the price at home!

If you apply this consistently re cashbacks and discounts (and not squander what you saved), over time you will get ahead faster financially than someone who doesn't have the discipline or the wisdom to do so. It's the cumulative effect, day in, day out, and the compounding effect over a period of time that leads to this snowball effect (of seeing pennies turn into gold).

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